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Abbas’ Fatah praises Tel Aviv jihad attack: ‘We bow before you in honor and admiration’ By Christine Douglass-Williams
Saturday, April 02, 2022

Jihad Watch : While the Palestinian Authority is busy colluding with the International Criminal Court against Israel in a war crimes investigation, its violent jihad against Israel continues. The Palestinian Authority encourages it, indoctrinates children into it by means of school textbooks, and pays for it through its pay-for-slay program.

While Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas “was compelled to condemn the murder of 5 Israelis” in Bnei Brak near Tel Aviv “because of US and Israeli pressure,” his Fatah Movement celebrated the attack and honored “the shooter as ‘the heroic Martyr’ who bravely defended our people.’”

This was the scenario of the Palestinian jihadist who opened fire in Tel Aviv:

he first shot dead two Ukrainian men who were sitting outside a grocery shop. He also opened fire at a passing car, killing a man who was driving it.

He then shot dead a fourth man before being confronted by two police officers. One of the officers was fatally wounded during the exchange, while the second shot and killed the attacker.

Magen David Adom ambulance service paramedic Menachem Englander said he came face-to-face with the gunman, but survived because the rifle jammed.

The jihadist was caught on video HERE.

Westerners (particularly the woke) apply two standards: a high standard for Western political leaders on issues of human rights, and the lowest possible standard possible for Muslims. This constitutes the pervasive soft bigotry of low expectations. No Western political party or its people would openly celebrate the murder of anyone.

The Palestinians continue to pass off their antisemitism and jihad violence against Jews, which began long before the establishment of the state of Israel, as a “resistance” from the River to the Sea.

No appeasement of jihadists and their sympathizers will ever work. It only encourages them. 

 “Abbas’ Fatah praises yesterday’s terror attack: ‘We bow before you in honor and admiration,'” by Nan Jacques Zilberdik, Palestinian Media Watch, March 30, 2022:

While PA Chairman Abbas was compelled to condemn the murder of 5 last night in Bnei Brak near Tel Aviv because of US and Israeli pressure, his Fatah Movement obviously doesn’t feel any pressure to do so. On the contrary. The Fatah branches in Jenin (where the murderer came from) and Nablus were quick to celebrate the attack and honor the shooter as “the heroic Martyr” who “bravely defended our people.” The Movement promised allegiance to the murderer, vowing to continue “until victory or Martyrdom.”

Palestinian Media Watch has documented that the PA, headed by Mahmoud Abbas, has encouraged terror the last few months. When 3 Fatah terrorists were killed in confrontations with Israel, Abbas himself openly called on Palestinians to murder Israelis – “dish out to them twice as much as we’ve received.” The fact that Fatah’s Jenin branch repeated Abbas’ exact term in the post glorifying yesterday’s murderer, makes it clear that the movement sees the murderous terror as an answer to Abbas’ call:

“This is a clear Palestinian message to the world that the Palestinian people adheres to the right to defend its land and its historical right, which has no statute of limitations and is inalienable. This is also a message to the oppressive occupation that the Palestinian response to the occupation’s crimes will dish out twice as much as it’s received.”

[Facebook page of the Fatah Movement – Jenin Branch, March 29, 2022]

This followed Fatah’s praise of the murderer as a “heroic Martyr” and the description of his funeral as a wedding –i.e., to the 72 Virgins in Paradise in Islam. Fatah also portrayed the attack as the “defense” of the Palestinian people:

“The Palestinian National Liberation Movement Fatah’s Jenin branch… in the presence of our glorious people, accompanies [in his wedding]heroic Martyr Diya Ahmed Hassan Hamarsheh. He was shot by the treacherous Israeli occupation and ascended to Heaven on the land of occupied Palestinian Tal Al-Rabia (i.e., “Tel Aviv”), while bravely defending our people and the Palestinian right that was stolen.”

In a report earlier today, PMW showed that Abbas’ condemnation of the attack is insincere. The way his own party elevates the murderer, creating a role model to follow, clearly underscores this argument:

“Mercy, pardon, and peace to your soul. We bow before you in honor and admiration. We promise you, heroic Martyr, that we are continuing until victory or Martyrdom, and the victory is indeed near, Allah willing.”

In his so-called “condemnation” Abbas “stressed that the killing of Palestinian and Israeli civilians will only lead to further deterioration of the situation.” But reading on, there is no doubt that Abbas’ Fatah real wishes are not peaceful:

“We call on all our people, and especially in the Jenin district, to declare a state of readiness to block the attacks of the occupation army and the settler mafias. The arena of confrontation with the occupier is open, and we must be ready.

Glory and eternity to our pure-hearted Martyrs, quick redemption to our free[dom] prisoners, speedy recovery to our brave wounded, victory to the heroic Palestinian people, and destruction to the occupation (i.e, euphemism for Israel). This is a revolution until victory, until victory, until victory.”

[Facebook page of the Fatah Movement – Jenin Branch, March 29, 2022]

Stressing his affiliation with Fatah, Fatah’s Nablus branch posted the same photo of the murderer, praising him as “the symbol of heroism and self-sacrifice”:

Posted text: “Diya Hamarsheh – with a Fatah leaning and a Palestinian identity – the symbol of heroism and self-sacrifice”

[Facebook page of the Fatah Movement – Nablus Branch, March 29, 2022]
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 8:23 PM  
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