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Islamic cleric and politician Abbas Siddiqui vows to behead those who insult Islam, Quran or Allah By Ashlyn Davis
Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Abbas Siddiqui needs a trident up his arse

Jihad Watch : The infamous Islamic scholar and politician Abbas Siddiqui, who once prayed for the spread of the coronavirus in India and hoped it would cause the death of five million non-believers, is again in the news, and again for all the wrong reasons.

In a video that recently surfaced online, he can be seen making a provocative speech in the Bengali language to his followers. The video has gone viral; it is reportedly from an Islamic religious gathering that was held on Friday, September 15.

Siddiqui states that Muslims can tolerate any nuisance, but in case of any insult directed at the prophet, Allah, the Quran or Islam, they are ready to give their life or behead someone to avenge an offense.

Referring to the ongoing anti-Hindu pogrom in Bangladesh, which allegedly stemmed from some miscreants placing the Quran at the Durga Puja site, the Furfura Sharif cleric claimed, “If anyone believes that one has the liberty to insult the Quran, to criticize Islam, or to disparage the Prophet, then I, Abbas Siddiqui, declare that I, too, have the liberty to sever your head from your body.”

Siddiqui also asserts that the whole world is conspiring against the one true religion, that is, Islam. And the hatred against Islam is being planned and promoted by Israel.

He went on to mock the secular Hindus of Kolkata, West Bengal, who adorn their Durga Puja pavilions with Islamic symbols as an extension of their tolerance for and acknowledgement of the Muslim citizens, and to make the religious festival more inclusive. “I remember that a few years ago, a theme of Durga Puja pandal, Kaaba was also made. If Kaaba is liked so much, then why don’t you embrace Islam?” In such terms, Siddiqui ridicules the secular elites of the Hindu community, who are known to walk the extra mile to make Muslims feel included in their festivals.

It is noteworthy that Abbas Siddiqui is not only an Islamic cleric, but also a politician; earlier this year had founded a political party, ironically named the Indian Secular Front. The party has contested the state-level elections held in April; the left-leaning Communist Party of India, (Marxist) or CPI-M entered into an electoral alliance with the Islamic cleric, who is known for his hardline pro-Sharia ideology. Provocative speeches he made before the declaration of his candidacy surfaced online, and were highly debated at that time on all establishment media and social media platforms.

Responding to speculation about his candidacy, Siddiqui clarified that he made the earlier speeches as an Islamic cleric and will be more careful as a political personality. However, it was only a matter of time before the cleric reverted to his original practice and resumed delivering inflammatory sermons.

While representatives of BJP, the ruling party at the center, have demanded his arrest, alleging that he is trying to create communal tension in the state, Kunal Ghosh from the state’s governing party took a dig at local Communist party leaders, questioning their silence over Siddiqui’s statement, which goes against both the secular nature of the Indian constitution and the secular camp through which he was introduced into the political arena of the state.

As of this writing, no legal or administrative actions have been taken against Siddiqui for his inflammatory remarks.

posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 9:27 AM  
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