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Anwar and Dr M – The best of enemies - Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy
Monday, May 11, 2020
Malaysiakini :"Two years ago, the people of all religions and races helped us through donations and contributions, their voices and suggestions, hope and spirit, to see change for the better in our beloved country. " – Anwar Ibrahim  

"There is a big chance that Bersatu will suffer a devastating loss and the hopes of the Malays to replace Umno with another Malay party will be dashed."– former prime minister (twice) Dr Mahathir Mohamad
COMMENT | Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said something condescending when disputing an article claiming that his position as opposition leader "… was a signal to Dr Mahathir that he was welcomed in Pakatan (Harapan) but not as its leader.” Anwar said: "It was intended to incite animosity between Mahathir and me by making it appear that my appointment as the opposition leader was to sabotage the effort by others."
At this point, I have no idea who Harapan thinks they are taking for a ride. At the nadir of the Azmin Ali/Anwar Ibrahim schism, we had political operatives making public statements that all was copacetic in PKR. This despite the fact that both sides were making public statements - Azmin’s insubordination and Anwar’s ineffectual leadership were tearing the party apart.
When it was apparent to everyone that the Anwar/Azmin feud was causing incredible damage to Harapan, PKR communications director Fahmi Fadzil said this when he dismissed the idea that there were two camps in PKR. "That is something portrayed by the media. I understand that there could be a perception of such, but the reality is, there are no camps. What we have now is PKR that is strong and united."
The animosity between these two leaders is public knowledge because Mahathir from public statements has made it very clear what he thinks of Anwar, what he thought of Harapan’s manifesto, what he thought of cronyism, and what he thought of reforming the system. Meanwhile, Anwar is taking all these insults, skulduggery and political malfeasance thrown his way in his stride, while his proxies wage a political war on his behest, which tore down a legitimately elected – sans popular vote – government.
If Mahathir was sincere in vanquishing Umno and reforming the system, he would publicly throw whatever support he has behind Anwar. He would publicly and unequivocally acknowledge Anwar as Harapan’s choice for prime minister and he would use his mastery of the political black arts to help Anwar and Harapan achieve its goals, whatever it is.
Meanwhile, whatever backroom deals Anwar makes with Mahathir and his cohorts should play out in the public arena only after Harapan has achieved its goals and should not be used as leverage by Malay establishment potentates during the process of removing Perikatan Nasional (PN).
Keep in mind that removing PN in itself could be a public relations nightmare during this pandemic and sentiment could easily shift since the government has at this moment a better control of the political and social narrative. Voter apathy and safety is also another major stumbling block for Harapan.
It is laughable that Anwar is the so-called opposition leader but it is Mahathir who is making plays that would destabilise the PN government. The fact that neither men seem to want to acknowledge the other as potential prime ministers if PN falls, should give people pause that this would be a replay if Harapan comes into power again.
The question everyone should be contemplating: isn't it time to move beyond Mahathir and Anwar when it comes to the leadership of this country? It is almost impossible now because both men have stamped their imprimatur on various acolytes, but there is always the hope that recent political upheavals would result in a cadre of leaders not beholden to the current toxic political duo who are still scheming to lead this country when their time is clearly up.
In their joint statement, Anwar and Mahathir claimed "May 9, 2018, was not about Mahathir and Anwar coming together. It was about the people's fate and future in the fight against injustices", which now seems laughable because both men were the undoing of the people who voted for Harapan.
Both said that Harapan wanted to restore the rule of law and democracy by empowering Parliament and reforming government institutions when it was in power but this did not happen in any way, shape or form under their watch. Instead the machinations of both men, meant that the Harapan base was caught up in personality politics instead of carrying out the reform agenda which daily has become an irrelevant talking point. I would take any of the young leaders within Harapan to lead the country, no matter which camp they belonged to, instead of these two old politicians whose shenanigans are holding this country hostage.
On Bersatu, Mahathir said there is a big chance that the party will go down in flames and that “the hopes of the Malays to replace Umno with another Malay party will be dashed.” Who says that the Malays want another Malay party to replace Umno? If anything the reality that Bersatu is a small toxic party relying on taxpayers money to consolidate support should tell you what most Malays think of Bersatu.
Of course, nobody thinks of courting young Malay voters – the recent change of voting age eligibility was one of the bright moments of Harapan. There is a reason why Harapan and Umno do not want to actively court young Malay voters and instead choose to rely on their bases instead of expanding the base.
Survey after survey has demonstrated that young people believe that their votes do not matter. Both coalitions have made it their agendas to prove young people right. Young people have so much political power in this country but as long as their apathy is enforced, the longer this kakistocracy remains in place. As long as these best of enemies remain in play, there is nothing to inspire a revolt against the system.
The long decay continues.
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 11:37 AM  
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