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The ugly propagandisation of Adib's death - Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy
Saturday, December 29, 2018
Abasir : Parts of what I had commented elsewhere may be worth repeating here. I did not know the late Adib or how he would have taken his unintended "martyrdom". But let me tell you how I feel about this shameless utilisation of a dead man by unscrupulous, self-serving muslims. Hundreds (or is it thousands) of innocents were mercilessly killed by marauding mobs 50 years ago between May 13-16 1969 and they remain unknown and unmourned except by close family and friends.
While the exact number of those butchered has been buried by those who actually enabled the rampage and profited politically by it, none of those cruel deaths then evoked the same (or any) kind of high profile, televised and mass-communicated mourning we witness for Adib today. Instead what followed then were sponsored "durian parties" organised to kill off the stench of the blood and gore in and around KL.

As for today's serialised grieving which has become de rigueur for politicians and their well-heeled benefactors to demonstrate, could it be they, as well as those inclined to follow rabble rousers into the streets, have all developed a deep sense of moral outrage and have become that much more empathetic and moved to a steady stream of tears by man's inhumanity to man? Or is the truth slightly less dramatic and more plausible? 

Would I be wrong to declare that the ethnicity of the fallen Adib and his alleged tormentors have as much to do with this spasmodic lamentation as the absence of any such weeping following the death of Teoh Beng Hock when in the custody of his Malay captors? Or the six Indians killed by Malay hordes in Kg. Medan in 2001? Or should we assume that in Bersatu's "New Malaysia" such ostentatious expressions of photographed grief will now be the new norm regardless of who is killed by whoever? Seriously, the country is sicker than it has ever been and this charade is the best indicator of the inglorious end that's in store.

Falcon : Perhaps Commander sir, we should also ask these self appointed political race based bourgeoisie fascist narrators what about those missing pastors? Is that question not important as well in their self serving self righteous world?
Malaysiakini : “This inquest is a good thing and it can bring justice for Adib, in fact, that is what we want, justice for Adib.” - Mohd Kassim Abdul Hamid (Adib's father)
COMMENT | While the father of Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim approves of the inquest into his son’s death, numerous parties have chosen this opportunity to propagandise Adib's death in furtherance of racial and religious agendas. Acting Umno president Mohamad Hasan, for instance, criticised the move for this inquest claiming rather bizarrely that an investigation into the cause of death was not the same as figuring out who killed Adib.
Meanwhile, the Muslim Lawyers Association of Malaysia are puzzled over this need for an inquest and took the opportunity to claim that attorney-general Tommy Thomas was “confused”. Did movers and shakers on the far right – including those in Pakatan Harapan – show the same concern for those firefighters who drowned or the boys who were brutally killed in a religious school? Of course, while everyone claims that this case is not about race, the reality is that it is. The propagandisation of the death of this firefighter brings up some uncomfortable questions. For instance.
Would Adib or his family approve of the racist remarks against a minister in the cabinet? Would Adib or his family approve of that hateful rally on Christmas day? Would Adib or his family approve of the provocateurs using the memory of Adib to incite hatred against the other communities here in Malaysia? Please keep in mind that the statements made by Azwanddin Hamzah are in reality waging war against the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. Because that is what threatening to attack a police station is. What do you think the “Royal” in PDRM stands for?
Then, of course, there is the Arabic text of “Allah” and “Muhammad” in the flag plus the insignia of the PDRM which means that by attacking a police station, Azwanddin is also symbolically attacking, disrespecting or inciting rebellion against the state-sponsored religion which is Islam.
What do Umno or the Muslims Lawyers' Association think of this? When P Uthayakumar made statements which were deemed treasonous against the state, he was hauled up and jailed. Why isn’t Azwanddin (below) being investigated for waging war against the Agong and why not for sedition too since nobody seems interested in the moratorium Harapan has imposed on this law? I guess activists are easy targets, but when someone actually threatens attacks against a royal institution, we should just let this slide.
Why hasn't the palace made a statement condemning this attack against its sovereignty and “advised” the state security apparatus to take action? I have no idea if Adib or his family approve of these things. I have no idea beyond the pathetic attempts by politicians to use Adib’s death to either wage war against the Harapan regime or to demonstrate that the Harapan regime – especially non-Malay political operatives – sympathise with the family and the sacrifice of this young man.
I would like to think that like any decent Malaysian, Adib would not have approved of people using his name as a means to spew racism against a current cabinet member. I would like to think that like any decent Malaysian, Adib would not have approved of a mob using the religious holiday of a minority to spread fear and hate. I would like to think that Adib, like any other decent Malaysian, would not approve of his name being used to wage war on the PDRM, which is waging war on the king, and insulting the state-sponsored religion.
You useless politicians
But this is Malaysia. We have Bersatu which claims that only it can protect Malay rights. When people say that Adib is a hero for all Malaysians, the question becomes, are all Malaysians equal in this country? Heroes transcend the banalities of race and politics, the truly great ones anyway - so let's not play this game.
Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia (Geras) president Abu Bakar Mohamed said that he did not agree with the treasonous and racist speech made by Azwanddin. Really? If you did not believe in it, why hold this rally on Christmas Day? Why demand the resignation of a cabinet minister when there are no grounds for his dismissal? Why use race and religion as a pretext to wage war against Harapan when the fact is that the Harapan regime is desperately attempting to contain this situation?

Do the people who attended this rally really care about Adib? They obviously do not care about the PDRM because they were willing to attack a police station if their demands were not met. When Azwanddin made those threats and the people cheered him on, they all became terrorists attempting to attack an institution of democracy.
Here is an important question. If the "rioters" at Seafield USJ25 are being hauled up and charged, why not those who endorsed the attack on a police station? Why weren't there numerous arrests of people who attended that rally?
Look, I do not care if this terrorist (Azwanddin) used racist language against de facto unity minister P Waythamoorthy. He can say whatever he likes. He can demand the resignation of Waytha and he can certainly hold a rally on Christmas Day when he knows that people are celebrating love and fellowship. What he cannot do is wage war against the king. What he cannot do is threaten to attack our democratic institutions. What he cannot do is demand the government accede to his wishes or he will attack a police station.
But maybe he can do this. Maybe he can wage war against the Agong. Maybe he can threaten the safety of police officers. Maybe he can threaten death and destruction and get away with it.
And what would happen if these rebels attacked a police station? What would happen if the personnel in the police station defended themselves against this attack? What would happen if lethal force was used and some of these agitators were killed? Whose responsibility would this be? Would Azwanddin take responsibility? How would Adib's family feel about their son’s name being used for an attack on a police station? Or would people just blame the Indian minister?
You useless politicians, you created this mess. When Bersatu and the other morons demanded the resignation of Waytha, you validated the beliefs of people like Azwanddin who are confident enough to wage war against the king by threatening to attack a police station.
All these Malay political operatives and activists who use Adib’s name to further their racist agenda, do they really care about the state of our firefighters? They threaten to attack police stations but do they really care about the level of training, the sometimes dire facilities and systemic problems facing the PDRM and the emergency services? They do not give a hoot about all of this, only that they would use the name and memory of a dead firefighter to advance their fascists agendas.
No matter how you try to spin it, the legacy of Adib, especially among rational, thinking Malaysians, is one of divisiveness and political opportunism.
The Malay far-right, with the assistance of Bersatu and other Harapan political operatives, in attempting to make him some sort of martyr, saw to this.
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 10:40 AM  
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