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PAS’ foreboding green tsunami - - By Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy
Saturday, May 12, 2018
Malaysiakini : “Kita berkerja atas kepercayaan kita melakukan semua ini untuk Islam. Kita tidak kisah kalah, kerana kita pernah kalah banyak kali. Kita tidak peduli jika tidak menjadi kerajaan kerana kita biasa menjadi pembangkang. Tetapi kita hendaklah kalah dengan strategi-strategi yang telah kita lakukan dengan baik. Jadi kalah kita kalah bermaruah.” - Mohd Nasir Abdullah, Harakah Daily
COMMENT | The problem many people make with PAS is that they conflate Abdul Hadi Awang and the Islamic struggle of PAS. While PAS may have lost supporters because of Hadi’s perceived collusion with Umno, the reality is that PAS is the only political party with a coherent political and religious ideology and vision for Malaysia that makes them, for now, political outsiders albeit with considerable influence when it comes to the weakened mainstream Malay/Muslim hegemons.
While Hadi is a hate figure for opposition – now establishment – types, the reality is while PAS may not have hindered the current Pakatan Harapan regime in the recently concluded general elections, its GE14 outcome is testament to the fact that Hadi’s leadership of PAS has sustained the party through a Malaysian tsunami while creating a tsunami of their own.
I warned that this meme that PAS is doomed is foolhardy – “Some opposition analysts think that PAS was crippled when Amanah broke away but my thinking is different, especially when speaking to PAS grassroots-level organisers. While a political party needs a robust dialectic within it to remain relevant, PAS is now free to define (centrally) its own version of moderation without having to rely on non-Muslims (or Muslims who are simpatico to non-Muslim politicians) input to craft a narrative which resonates with their ever-growing base.”
PAS has remained true to its principles, and in numerous articles that mainstream English speakers can’t be bothered to read told their supporters that winning the federal government at the expense of their Islamic values is not something which PAS desires. What they want is a Malay/Muslim tsunami which legitimately leads them to federal power or to create coalitions with like-minded political hegemons which sees their power-sharing, which does include them betraying their Islamic values.
PAS’ green tsunami is honourable because despite the narrative of partisans of PAS being betrayers and spoilers for Umno, PAS supporters and the leadership were steadfast in their own narratives about a kleptocratic government, the high cost of living and the values of Islam in a Malaysia which was compromised. Now while Hadi was cosying up to Umno which disgusted some, the base although conflicted, understood that Malay/Muslim solidarity was important on certain issues, especially after the perceived betrayal by Amanah and DAP.
Does this mean that when it comes to politics, PAS does not fight dirty? Of course not. In some cases, they fight dirtier. This merely means that PAS is not stupid, which is how some characterise them. This means that like most successful Islamic hegemons operating in “moderate” political terrains, PAS understands the need for the carrot-and-stick approach. In case people were wondering, the carrot approach was when they were in Pakatan Rakyat. The stick approach got them Kelantan, Terengganu and great influence in Perak and Kedah.
PAS retaining Kelantan which many pundits, politicians and opposition supporters claimed impossible, taking Terengganu which many thought inconceivable and becoming extremely influential in Perak and Kedah, is evidence that this Islamic party remains a contender in mainstream Malay/Muslim politics despite their outsider status. It would be foolish to continue to dismiss the PAS leadership or demonise their supporters.
In the euphoria of the Harapan win, people have not really considered the gravity of the situation when it comes to PAS and Islam in this country. For decades, Umno was the gatekeeper of Islam in this country. Umno defined Islam and PAS was the voice of dissent, playing the long game of slowly building consensus against the narratives of the Umno state. Recently, because of a compromised Umno, they made inroads into mainstream Malay/Muslim politics and where no doubt aided and abetted by the deep Islamic state.
Do not be misled. Do not let the 1MDB issue and the persecution of political rivals mask Islamic intrigues that may be happening on a sub rosa level. BN component parties, MCA and MIC, merely went along with what Umno said and played offence when it came to PAS and their Islamism. They constantly reminded the non-Malay communities that PAS was the Islamic bogeyman while Umno was carrying out a process of Islamisation/Arabisation that the former prime minister, now our current prime minister, was a part of.
Will Harapan play the Islamic game?
Is Harapan going to define Islam the way how Umno did? Is Harapan, which includes DAP, going to carry on playing the Islamic game? In previous articles, I wrote of how the DAP state government pouring money into Islamic state organisations was a betrayal of their secular values and further creates Islamic narratives that take hold in the Malay community.
Now as the second largest partner in the government, will DAP remain a committed secular alternative to the “bangsa” and “agama” crowd within Harapan or will be like MCA and MIC before them, turn a blind eye to how Islam is politicised and funded in this country? Remember, this is a coalition cobbled together to oust a kleptocrat, which now has to deal with the post-1969 Umno devised tools of race and religion. Harapan should not pick up those tools.
With Umno out in the cold, who defines Islam now? PAS for so long on the receiving end of a federal-funded Islamic bureaucracy and propaganda campaign, for the moment defines the Islamic narrative in this country. Now that Umno is the opposition and a babe in the woods when it comes to opposition politics, they are subservient to PAS who have demonstrated that they are willing to go at it alone, if need be.
PAS and Umno will no doubt carry on using a weaponanised Islam for political purposes. Remember class divisions feed into these Islamic narratives of victimhood, which is why I suspect that it is important for rural constituents to lag behind compared to their urban brethren. The federal Harapan government should ensure that development and knowledge seep into the areas where this kind of Islamism holds instead of demonising supporters and the leadership of PAS.
As an Islamic party, PAS has every right to define the narrative of Islam in this country. Harapan, on the other hand, should define the secular narrative, which also includes an “Islamic” narrative of reforming and weeding out corruption in Islamic institutions. The most important thing Harapan could do when it comes to Islam in this country is to encourage a plurality of Islamic voices. This ensures that Muslims are not constrained by what the state or their religious leaders tell them but are free to explore their religion as they see fit. Also, there are outstanding Islamic "issues" that affect non-Muslims that need urgent attention.
PAS has in the leadership and grassroots, the political will and cunning of people who have faced off with the current prime minister of Malaysia. Unless the prime minister changes the way how he plays the religious game, there will be no real change in this country. PAS is in a position to not only dissent but has a platform on which to critique the current Harapan government which now includes DAP, perceived to have a strong evangelical wing, making it easier for PAS to define the conflict along religious lines.
The federal government should be the secular alternative which should include reforming Islamic institutions which further narratives of ‘ketuanism’ and Islamism in Malaysia but also encourage a plurality of Islamic voices in Malaysia. Harapan cannot afford to play the Islamic game.
When it comes to Islam, PAS should rightly be the only game in town.
posted by D Swami Gwekanandam @ 3:26 PM  

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