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The ‘Allah’ and Altantuya debacle serves as Malaysia’s biggest disgrace
Thursday, October 17, 2013
By J. D. Lovrenciear :

Both the ‘Allah’ and Altantuya cases went through our Palace of Justice. In its finale, the verdicts have only brought us Malaysians greater disrepute, disgrace and condemnation from across the world.

Let truth be told.

Lest we forget, there was a foreign national killed, murdered and blasted way into bits and pieces in our own backyard and yet we cannot pin the killers or the plotters. Till today, despite all these years of courtroom drama, we have no one held accountable and punished for the brutal slaying of poor Altantuya. On the contrary, our courts have freed even those who were initially on death row.

Meanwhile, the sons, parents, family, friends and citizens in Mongolia are still waiting, praying and hoping for justice.

And now with the Court of Appeal’s verdict that bans Catholics from using the word ‘Allah’ in their publication The Herald, it slams a another sledgehammer on the reputation, dignity, honor and pride of this nation.

Not only are Christians crying foul, but thinkers, scholars and leaders from both Muslim and non-Muslim worlds are condemning this verdict that came from our Palace of Justice.

The US Secretary of State may have appraised Malaysia as ‘moderate’ State, drawing his inspiration from our iconic Twin Towers. But in doing so, he also brings disrepute to Americans for their inability to see through the mortar and steel and economic gains the truth on the ground.

Indeed here is a nation which has the ‘Allah’ and Altantuya debacle hanging like a tightening noose on Malaysia’s global rating of justice and stature as a wisely governed state. That noose is also tightening around on a multiplicity of issues affecting our politico-religious and politico-justice and socio-politico economics of Malaysia.

Various individuals from religious to legal to civil society and religious circles here have given their sound and prudent viewpoints as well as raise serious objections to way the UMNO-led government has been dealing with the ‘Allah’ and Altantuya debacles. But to no avail. We are instead sliding further down the slope of derogatory leadership.

Why are we all allowing this country to drift into a nation without dignity? 

We cannot find the murderers of a sole and helpless foreign woman who was enlisted for national security matters by people at the pinnacle of power and governance.

And now, we stand alone in both the Muslim and Non-Muslim worlds with this ban on the use of the word ‘Allah’ by Catholics.

Of course the finger not only directly points at the sate of jurisprudence in Malaysia but further points at the people who form the government namely, the administration headed by Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak.

To make matters more insulting, the Prime Minister still chooses to maintain his indifferent silence even though the reputation and dignity of a nation is on the stakes of public opinion all across the globe.

Wonder what our supreme critic and former leader Tun Dr. Mahathir has got say about these two ‘A’s that is a gross insult to the nation? Already, the bandwagons of BN leaders are throwing their weight behind the UMNO wagon to keep pushing the nation’s dignity to the cliff further.

Can Malaysia afford this stance anymore? If no, then we must do something if we sincerely stand by our pledge to God, king and country. This is where the population is crying out for a leader who can lead the people to march onward and forward before we all sink into the pit of a digressive nation.

Can Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim rise to the occasion with defining resolution?
posted by D Swami Gwekanandam @ 5:54 AM  

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