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European Parliament features Muslim designated as suspected terrorist speaking about ‘Islamophobia’
Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Rober Spencer : “In the European Parliament, the sulphurous guests of a conference on ‘Islamophobia,'” translated from “Au Parlement européen, les sulfureux invités d’une conférence sur ‘l’islamophobie,'” by Jean-Loup Adenor, Marianne, May 6, 2022:

A conference was organized at the initiative of Cojep, a pro-Turkey association, at the European Parliament. His subject: “Islamophobia” and the discrimination of which Muslims are victims. Among the speakers, El-Yess Zareli, known as Elias d’Imzalene, the founder of the site “Islam and Info,” a Salafist at the heart of the galaxy of political Islam in France.

Once again, a European institution was shown to be penetrated by Brotherhood-Salafist ideologies. On Tuesday, May 3, a conference organized by the pro-Turkey association Cojep was held at the European Parliament, entitled “Contradictions and discrepancy between European values ​​and the law confirming respect for the principles of the French Republic,” i.e., namely the 2021 law against separatism initiated by Emmanuel Macron. The personalities present, far from being simple believers or associations, defended an ultra-conservative and political vision of the Muslim religion. Among them: the activist El-Yes Zarely, known as Elias d’Imzalène, founder of the community site “Islam and Info,” which lists anti-Muslim acts. Pro-Erdogan activist and ex-CCIF member Feiza Ben Mohamed and political scientist, Islamologist and CNRS research director François Burgat were also present.

This meeting was made public by Elias d’Imzalène himself. “I was at the European Parliament today to raise awareness among its deputies about Islamophobia in France,” he posted on his Twitter account.

“Ilies d’Imzalène and Feïza Ben Mohamed are politico-religious activists,” explains Naëm Bestandji, author of Shroud of feminism (caressing Islamism in the direction of the veil) and secular activist. It is not Islam as a religion that is in question here, but Islamism. An extremist, political and identity interpretation of Islam to which they adhere. And for good reason: Elias d’Imzalène notably considered that France was leading “a policy of apartheid, of ethno-confessional segregation.” In the book La Communauté by Raphaëlle Bacqué and Ariane Chemin, we also learn that, “during a search of his home, the police found a copy of Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler’s program book”.

During the conference held on Tuesday, Elias d’Imzalène considered that “the 2004 laws [on the prohibition of ostentatious religious symbols in schools], 2010 and 2015” constitute “an attack on the visibility of Muslims. “It is the Muslims who are targeted by the laws of separatism,” added Feïza Ben Mohamed. Comment by Naëm Bestandji: “Any opposition to the sexist concept of women’s veiling, to Salafism, and to the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, is considered an attack against Islam and against all Muslims. There is the desire for a return to the offense of blasphemy. Hence the use of the term ‘Islamophobia.'”

According to the essayist, this is nevertheless the heart of the strategy of Brotherhood-Salafism in France: “To make people believe that all Muslims are like them, that their radicalism is simply Islam and their fundamentalism is a simple expression of piety. It is in this way that they advance the idea that they do not speak in the name of a political ideology, but of all Muslims.” So this notion of “Islamophobia” is used to counter any criticism of political Islam. “They came to say, in short, that the fight against Islamism led in particular in France is a screen hiding a pure and simple persecution of Muslims….

posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 9:37 AM  
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