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Come GE15, Sheraton traitors will have to go - By Francis Paul Siah
Thursday, April 21, 2022

Malaysiakini : Does this mean you are directing your PKR people to also negotiate with defector Azmin Ali if he approaches PKR? That will be the day if this takes place!

Azmin Ali and Anwar Ibrahim

If I were still in active politics today and a Harapan member, I would have great difficulty in following Anwar’s directive.

This reason is enough for me to disregard such an order. The most important objective of the 15th general election (GE15), to me, is to get rid of all the Harapan traitors who caused the downfall of the duly elected Harapan government.

It’s time for them to pay for their betrayal and treachery which I find unforgivable. (I will not pretend to be nice or be hypocritical and say that “I can forgive but not forget”.) No, neither have I forgotten nor forgiven all the Sheraton treacherous buggers.

This is not about revenge. This is about retrieving the GE14 mandate of the majority of Malaysians. We want it back. The government we elected into office in 2018 was hijacked right before us 22 months later, and we could do nothing about it.

GE15 is the time to do something. It is the most opportune time for Malaysians to vote out the Harapan turncoats, frogs and traitors. Bury them (I’m even tempted to say “alive if possible”).

Don’t sleep with the enemy

As is always the case, it is difficult for active politicians and their diehard supporters to understand the view and stand of the ordinary citizen who has no political interest. In whatever they do, politicians always have an objective – their selfish interest and that of their party would be tailored in.

If the key objective of Harapan in GE15 is to achieve victory, even if it means ganging up with the Sheraton traitors in the process, then I would have to tell all the Harapan leaders, Anwar included, to go fly a kite.

Don’t ever think of going to bed with the enemy – don’t you dare, Harapan! Should any key leader in Harapan ever harbour such an intention, he or she would also be considered an enemy of the people.

Make no mistake about it. The voters will not be taken for a ride this time.

I find it next to impossible to support a coalition working with self-serving political parasites and leeches. No, these treacherous and soulless dirty dealers must be dealt the death blow, come GE15.

We must work hard to ensure that the next election will be their Waterloo where we will rejoice as we bury them and after that, make sure that even the dead won’t have it easy.

Let them and their ilk be haunted by their treacherous past. This is how traitors should be made to suffer for their heinous betrayal.

Ensure traitors are defeated

Among those we should go all out to ensure that they are defeated in GE15 are former premier Muhyiddin Yassin and his bunch of ungrateful and disloyal cohorts in Bersatu.

Muhyiddin Yassin

It is now quite clear that they are also known racists among them, harping on the racial line for political survival.

In fact, Bersatu must be painfully aware that its end is near, judging from its disastrous outings in the Sabah, Malacca and Johor elections.

Muhyiddin’s 17-month tenure as prime minister was nothing to shout about. His eventual downfall at the hands of an Umno faction illustrated clearly the weakness in the man. I shudder at the thought that this misfit wants to return as prime minister again.

Next, Azmin and the 10 PKR defectors must also be trounced in the coming polls. They are nothing but overly ambitious men and women who only aspire to climb up the political ladder as quickly as possible, even if it means betraying their party leaders and colleagues.

In Azmin’s case, karma is already at work. There are reliable reports of a falling out between him and his closest ally, Zuraida Kamaruddin, where the latter is said to be involved in setting up the new Parti Bangsa Malaysia.

Zuraida Kamaruddin and Azmin Ali

Azmin, said to be the most vilified politician in the country today, would soon have to kiss his prime ministerial ambition goodbye permanently as well. Why not when he could not get the deputy prime minister’s post, even under two prime ministers. Azmin will soon learn that getting involved in betrayal and treachery does not pay.

Anwar can also forget about harping on opposition unity. I maintain that the opposition will never be able to unite. They are all so different, with each having its own set of priorities. As I’ve written previously, if the opposition can ever unite, cows will fly.

Instead of worrying about unity, let us declare that we will go all out to bury the Sheraton backstabbers and traitors come GE15. Let us reclaim our mandate – therein lie our honour and dignity – because it is the right thing to do.

posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 8:31 PM  
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