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India: Muslims Hold Rally to Celebrate 100th Anniversary of 1921 Moplah Hindu Genocide
Monday, February 22, 2021

Jihad Watch : “They murdered and plundered abundantly, and killed or drove away all Hindus who would not apostatize. Somewhere about a lakh of people were driven from their homes with nothing but the clothes they had on, stripped of everything. Malabar has taught us what Islamic rule still means, and we do not want to see another specimen of the Khilafat Raj in India.” These statements were written by Annie Besant in her book The Future of Indian Politics.

In his book Pakistan or the Partition of India, the father of the Indian constitution, Babasaheb Ambedkar, recounts: “The blood-curdling atrocities committed by the Moplas in Malabar against the Hindus were indescribable. All over Southern India, a wave of horrified feeling had spread among the Hindus of every shade of opinion…”

The Hindu genocide of 1921, also known as the Moplah Massacre, was orchestrated by jihadis of Malabar, Kerala and marks its 100th anniversary in 2021. The well-planned ethnic cleansing claimed about 10,000 Hindu lives and led to the rapes of numerous women and children. It is speculated that no less than a hundred Hindu temples were taken down by jihadis baying for Hindu blood during this genocide. After putting them through unspeakable tortures, the jihadis forced countless Hindus to convert to Islam.

Over 100,000 Hindus were compelled to abandon their homes and the lives that they knew, and leave Kerala to escape slaughter and conversion. The violence that broke out in August 1921 lasted for four months, and could only be contained after the imposition of martial law in six taluks (administrative divisions) in the Malabar district.

Strangely, the entertainment industry made a failed attempt at glorifying Variyamkunnath Kunjahammed Haji, one of the masterminds of the Hindu genocide, by showcasing him as a mass leader of sorts, a flag-bearer of harmony. Thankfully, not every Hindu in India is napping or is suffering from the collective memory loss that found commonly among secular Hindus, and the movie-to-be-made faced a lot of resistance.

The leftist historians in India have never shied away from whitewashing the atrocities committed on the Hindus by the jihadis, whom they often paint as a hapless, ever-tormented and deprived minority. They did the same with the Moplah Massacre as well. The brutality of the Hindu genocide was lost as the trusted authors turned it into a class-war, further linking it to the Indian Freedom Movement.

It is only now, after the shift of power at the centre, that blood-curdling episodes of Islamic barbarity that have been buried under layers of forced secularism by the leftist intelligentsia are being exhumed, one a time.

In the process of exhuming truths, we came across a report published in The Englishman on 6 October 1921, that reads, “Several recent reports show Variankunnath Kunhammad Haji and Chembakasseri Thangal have decided that all Hindus residing in villages at the mercy of rebel bands should be put to death unless they accept Islam. Instances are mentioned in which Hindus had actually been forced to dig their own graves before being butchered.”

It is now clear and established that the Moplah pogrom against the Hindus was not a wing of the Indian Freedom Movement. If anything, it was a prelude to the Direct Action Day and the Noakhali Riots undivided Bengal would soon witness in 1946, in which Hindus were slaughtered by groups of jihadis of the region.

Now imagine the horrific mass slaughter of Moplah being celebrated and commemorated!

In a disturbing and now-viral video surfacing from Kerala, members of the Popular Front of India, an extremist Islamic outfit, were seen carrying out an appalling rally. The audios and visuals show men parading in lungis and skullcaps, armed with sticks and batons, chanting various Islamic verses, including la ilaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah and Allahu akbar. Among them are two men chained and tied with ropes. The loose ends of the ropes were held by the men in skullcaps. They depict members of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in uniform; one is made to understand that these men are representatives of the Hindu population.

Some sources state that this rally was a commemoration of the centenary of the 1921 Hindu genocide in Moplah. And yes, this is a matter of concern.

It is a concern not only for the Hindus of the state, but for the Hindus in the rest of India and those spread across the globe. If fellow citizens of a free and independent India are, as alleged, celebrating the bloodshed of Hindus of India after 100 years instead of apologizing for it, it is alarming.

Sadly, the liberal media would once again do its best to bury this incident under make-believe layers of secularism. But the world at large should come together in condemning such hate-filled congregations. The threat that Hindus face today may reach your doorstep tomorrow.

posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 2:18 PM  
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