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Pakatan Harapan is becoming a "Hopeless Front" on the Khat and Zakar Naik issues, did I misspell Zakar, Malaysiakini?
Sunday, August 25, 2019
Malaysiakini : A Bersatu Minister fetes Zakar Naik for dinner at his residence, Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman appears to have buried the hatchet with controversial preacher Dr Zakir Naik.
The two had dinner tonight at Saddiq's house in Petaling Jaya, just ten days after the minister called for Zakir to be deported over his remarks about Chinese Malaysians. Hitler gives the order, the SS has to toe the line. It's a party thing. “Before Hitler attacks any country, his agents carefully sow seeds of hate and disunity...." Sieg Hail!
Mohiddenhand : Bersatu are the one pouring fuel on the fires you guys started. A reminder,  Khat and Zakar Naik? Recall that shit?  Now you are reaping what you have sown.
Via WhatsApp : Well spoken, Syed Sadiqq, your charitable words of advice reflect wisdom beyond your years. How true when you reminded that national unity was a strengthen though you did not add that this vitality has so diminished that we now need a foreign fugitive to heal us and bring us all back to the path of righteousness and divine salvation. Such is your commitment to forgiveness that rather than restricting yourself to issuing a mere statement, you had to invite the renegade to your house to break bread with him.
I take it that the meeting of the two brothers would not have been complete without an embrace which no doubt was also a moment of inspiration for you. Forgiveness, what a wonderful virtue it is following apology, an attribute we seem to encounter with increasing frequency, from how a fallen student is welcomed back into society since we agree that being a convicted child-pornography criminal is just one of those stumbles anyone could be prey to.
Just as a fanatic bent on destroying a fragile racial and religious fabric should have his mild sins overlooked because we all make mistakes. In time, perhaps courts and jails may not be necessary, but of course, only where Muslims are concerned.
We had our suspicions when you, so snug under Mahathir’s thumb, earlier dared to come out with a strong condemnation of the outlaw, demanding that he be deported forthwith. We now realize that it was part of a poorly-written script, there never was any intention to send that trash away from this country.
He will remain here until he takes us into the fires of hell, my only consolation being that you, Hadi, and Mahathir will also be there. We equally realize that every Muslim leader in our country cannot be trusted, everyone of you do not in any way differ from the principles guiding Hadi Awang and that runaway from Mumbai, all of you subscribe to that belief that the worse Muslim, even or especially if he were the scum of the earth, is to be preferred over a non-Muslim however noble he may be.
We, alas, cannot do anything. But at the next elections, there will be countless spoiled votes.
‘This does not heal!’: Ambiga slams Syed Saddiq for hosting Zakir Naik :
Read it all here.....................
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 1:13 PM  
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