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India: Muslim mob murders Hindu for swimming in a well By Robert Spencer
Sunday, March 20, 2022

The Mother Of Rameshwar Kharat With The Victim's Picture

Jihad Watch : Why would these Muslims get so angry about swimming in a well? Because they consider Hindus to be idolaters, and the Qur’an says: “O you who believe, the idolaters only are unclean.” (9:28

“Maharashtra: A mob of Islamists lynches a youth Rameshwar Kharat over a minor dispute in Ambad town,” OpIndia, March 17, 2022:

A 20-year-old Hindu youth named Rameshwar Ankush Kharat was killed by a mob of Islamists in Ambad town in the Jalna district of Maharashtra. The violence is said to have erupted over a reason as minor as swimming in a well. Rameshwar Kharat was beaten with iron rods and wooden sticks by the mob in the Pathan Mohalla area of Ambad at around 4:30 PM on 12th March 2022. He died in a hospital at Jalna on 13th March 2022 at 6 PM. The people protested at Ambad police station till 12 at the night to arrest the accused in connection with the incident.

Sudarshan News journalist Jitendra Pratap Singh has tweeted a video of the family members mourning the loss of Rameshwar Kharat who was the only son of his parents. He has written in his tweet, “In Ambad town of Maharashtra, the bloodshed of jihadis continues, there is an uproar everywhere. The lone minor Hindu youth was brutally murdered by a total of 15 jihadis. The helpless mother is screaming and crying for justice, but no one is going to listen.”

According to a report by Pudhari, on 13th March, an FIR was lodged in the Ambad police station in connection with the case. On the 12th of March, deceased Rameshwar Ankush Kharat, a resident of Holkar Nagar in Ambad, had gone with Prasad Pralhad Kharat to the well owned by a person named Fulare. He had gone there for swimming at around 1 PM. The well is situated on the Bhagwan Mahadev Mandir road.

There erupted a dispute among the youths there over getting into the well for swimming. The culprits abused and threatened Rameshwar Kharat saying ‘if you are seen in the mohalla, you will be killed’. Rameshwar Kharat called his brother Ganesh Kharat and informed him about the abuse and threats.

Rameshwar Kharat was stopped by the mob of Islamists in front of Khalil Maulana’s shop while he was going to the farm from Holkar Nagar around 4:30 PM through Pathan Mohalla. They asked him, ‘why did you quarrel with us while swimming in the well’ and started abusing him again. Meanwhile, Rameshwar was seriously injured when Shoeb Sulani Shafiq Sulani hit him with an iron rod in his hands.

Avez Siraj Sheikh, Shohel Shah Mohammad Pathan, Anis Gaffar Sheikh, Wajed Ismail Sheikh, Amir Chand Pathan beat Rameshwar Kharat with wooden sticks on his feet, back, and head. The other accused in the crime kicked and punched him. As a result, Rameshwar Kharat was seriously injured.

Sunil Diwte and Balu Datta Kharat brought Rameshwar Kharat to the Seva Hospital in Ambad. Due to severe injuries, Rameshwar Kharat was moved to a private hospital in Jalna. At 6 PM on 13th March, he passed away.

Baburao Kharat is the uncle of the deceased youth Rameshwar Ankush Kharat. He has lodged a complaint in the Ambad police station against the 15 accused in this case. A crime has been registered in response to his complaint. API Somnath Narke is doing further investigations.

The accused in this case are 1) Ibrahim Siraj Sheikh 2) Adnan Sulani Shafiq Sulani, 3) Shoeb Sulani Shafiq Sulani, 4) Azhar Ijaz Ali Sheikh, 5) Faizan Amjad Pathan, 6) Arbaaz Shah Mohammad Pathan, 7) Muradi Mehra Sheikh, 8) Awez Siraj Sheikh, 9) Shohel Shahmohammed Pathan, 10) Anis Ghapfar Sheikh, 11) Wajed Ismail Sheikh, 12) Amir Chand Pathan, 13) Abhay Babasaheb Kharat 14) Arshad Khurshid Jilani, and 15) Sheikh Nasser Sheikh Ismail.

All of them live in Ambad…
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 3:31 PM  
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