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Yale: Muslim prof blames India’s Prime Minister for jihad attacks against Hindu temples in Bangladesh By Robert Spencer
Monday, April 05, 2021

Dick from Yale so called professor Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak

Jihad Watch : We have seen this again and again, innumerable times over the years: with Islamic supremacists, it’s always the infidel’s fault, even the infidel victims of jihad violence. They never, ever, not once, have taken responsibility for the violence and human misery inflicted in the name of Allah and Islam.

“Yale professor blames Islamist attacks against Hindu temples in Bangladesh on Narendra Modi, backtracks after outrage: All you need to know,” OpIndia, April 3, 2021:

An Economics Professor at Yale University named Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak has sparked controversy with his social media post, wherein he blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Bangladesh to justify the violence committed by Islamist outfit Hefazat-e-Islam against Hindus.

On Thursday (March 29), Mobarak tweeted, “Bangladesh appears to have walked into a clever trap set by Modi. He visits a temple of importance to some West Bengalis voting in a closely-contested TMC-BJP State election. His visit spreads communal violence in Bangladesh.” The Economics Professor tried to put the onus of the riots perpetuated by Islamists on the Indian Prime Minister.

Furthermore, he said, “Modi manages to communalise politics and society on both sides of the Bangladesh -West Bengal border on one visit. Ek Dhila dui pakhi (Killing two birds with one stone). Why are we behaving like clueless pawns in the destructive game of divisive politics between Hindus and Muslims?” The Yale Professor suggested that a supposedly polarising figure like PM Modi was responsible for communal violence against Hindus in Bangladesh.

After reports emerged on social media about how Hefazat-e-Islam targetted Hindu temples, the Professor turned ‘activist’ went silent on the micro-blogging platform. Following outrage by the Hindu community over the inhumane atrocities committed against them under the pretext of PM Modi’s visit, Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak desperately tried to prove his ‘secular’ credentials.

Without giving weightage to the matter at hand, the Yale Professor resorted to whataboutery and tried to draw false equivalence between Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. He wrote, “Good to see people engaging today, complaining about violence against Hindus in Bangladesh. It would be even better to see Muslims joining that chorus in defense of minorities (Hindus, Chakma, Ahmadiya Muslims..), and to see Hindus complaining equally vehemently about treatment of minorities in India.”

He further claimed, “If we can all get past our tribalism and protest equally strongly about the mistreatment of minorities regardless of their identity & religion, then Hefazat in BD or Modi in India or Mullahs in Pakistan wouldn’t be able to divide us this way.”…

During the official 2-day visit on PM Modi to Bangladesh, Islamists attacked Hindu Temples to protest against him. Violent protests have been underway in Bangladesh over the visit by the Indian Prime Minister and some protesters have died during attempts by the police to enforce law and order.

At the same time, three rooms of the 400-year-old Paruarkul Ashtagram Maha crematorium and Radhagobind Ashram were burnt down by unidentified miscreants in Mohammadpur Upazila of Bangladesh’s Magura district. Parts of three houses, chariots and idols were also reduced to ashes in the fire which was later brought under control.

Earlier, it was reported that Facebook services were down in Bangladesh in light of the violent protests.

Border Guards have been deployed to enforce law and order on the streets. The Hefazat-e-Islami is a hardline Islamist organisation, whose members have been accused of persecuting Hindus in the past.
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 4:17 PM  
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