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When Muslims Who Reject “Man-made” Laws Resort to Non-Muslim Authorities to Advance Islam by Anjuli Pandavar
Tuesday, April 28, 2020
Islamic supremacist Azfal Khan
Jihad Watch : Islamic supremacist Azfal Khan, alias Labour MP Afzal Khan, alias Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Commons Azfal Khan, has just bettered himself by appealing to the government he’s working to abolish for help in dealing with English nationalist and veteran counter-jihadist Tommy Robinson.
Much as perpetrators of jihad loathe institutions that promulgate “laws of men,” it is not beneath them to infiltrate such institutions and sit on their benches at infidel taxpayers’ expense, as brother Azfal here does. And it is further not beneath them, when out-manoeuvred by an enemy of Islam, to throw themselves upon the sympathy of those very promulgators of “laws of men,” and beg them to do what they can to stymie that enemy.
Azfal Khan, upon learning of Tommy Robinson’s meteoric rise in popularity on Chinese social media platform TikTok, wasted no time in petitioning the UK government to use their influence with the Chinese government to get Tommy Robinson banned from TikTok. The brother ‘urged the UK government to “take steps to regulate TikTok and ensure that internet firms take responsibility for protecting their users”.…He told Al Jazeera it was worrying that far-right figures have been able to sign up to TikTok “when they have been banned on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook”.’
Yes, dear readers, the Chinese government. That is the government to which Allah has sent the coronavirus, his “little soldiers,” to punish those infidels for treating Muslims so badly in Xinjiang, as so many Muslims who know about such things assured us. So bad is the Chinese government towards Muslims that Allah had to take time out from his busy schedule to mobilise an army against them. That atheist, pig-eating, Muslim-slaying government is what Muslim brother Azfal Khan appealed to deal with the counter-jihad upstart Tommy Robinson.
And if you’re thinking, dear reader, that a hardcore jihad fifth-columnist appealing to prominent, unsavoury infidel institutions for help in dealing with the enemies of Islam has to be a one-off, then do read on. A little over a year ago, the fascist Muhammed Shafiq, whose Twitter profile reads, “Muslim broadcaster on TV, Radio, Columnist, Chief Executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, @britishmuslimtv,” boasted of his role in getting the same Tommy Robinson, a real thorn in the flesh of jihad operatives, banned from Facebook. Shafiq tweeted:
“I can reveal I recently had a meeting with Facebook to discuss #TommyRobinson pages and their impact in brainwashing his supporters to become terrorist and use violence against Muslims. A very good result and I am proud of my role.”
So let’s take a closer look at the accomplishment of which this Muslim broadcaster and official is so proud. The Jews, nemesis of the Muslims, descendants of apes and pigs, who control the world through their money, and all the other abusive things Muslims daily spout about Jews, they see manifested most strongly in two places: in Israel, the “Little Satan,” and in the United States, the “Great Satan.” But to bring down enemy-of-Islam Tommy Robinson, Muslim brother Muhammed Shafiq had no problem at all, indeed was proud, he said, to have appealed to an American Jew, a billionaire fifty-times over, who does, in a very real sense, control the world with his money.
And if you’re thinking, dear reader, that this is just hardcore jihad fifth-columnists taking on one particular, irksome, loudmouth enemy of Islam and can only be a one-off, then do read on.
One of the main rationales of the BDS movement against Israel is the notion that Israel is an apartheid state, and it explicitly invokes the language of the South African apartheid experience. It’s a hard sell, so you have to say it a lot or scream it loudly. PLO member Mustafa Barghouti manages to wedge “apartheid” into almost every sentence he utters pertaining to Israel, while students on Western university campuses will always turn out in shrill numbers for anything “Palestine.” If you can get the world to associate Israel with apartheid South Africa, even a little, you can do a lot of damage, because that little apartheid would be bad enough. So let us now turn to the real thing.
The South African apartheid government faced concerted opposition from blacks and whites alike, from men and women, from Christians, atheists, Hindus, Muslims and Jews, and had no problem torturing and killing them all. For most aspects of life, most people had little choice but to deal with this government and to beg its officials for whatever dispensation or permission they came to need from time to time. These humiliations were realities of life and everyone understood them that way. But there was a line. To go beyond the bounds of what was essential in dealing with apartheid officials was to behave without dignity, without self-respect. Worldwide, apartheid South Africa was recognised as the ultimate manifestation of racist depravity.
Thirty years ago, South African da’i, that is, a Muslim proselytiser, the late Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, a supremely tedious man who described himself as “qualified to speak on The Satanic Verses,” had begged apartheid South Africa’s censors (“They are reasonable people,” explained Deedat) to ban The Satanic Verses in South Africa. Those “reasonable people” obliged him by not only banning the book, but also banning its author, Salman Rushdie, from entering the country. Sheikh Deedat openly boasted of these accomplishments, and of his successful grovelling before his apartheid masters. The da’i calls us and the jihadi compels us to embrace the superior religion, the perfect religion, the final religion, and there is no depth to which these best of peoples will not stoop in pursuit of their principled “laws of God.”
They are the very negation of dignity and respect, and they are devious, brazen and callous.
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 9:42 AM  
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