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Does DAP condone litigation against a farmer? - Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy
Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Malaysiakini : It is more of a bullying gesture to silence dissent from a party that advocates democracy and freedom of speech. – Ti Lian Ker
COMMENT | In justifying suing a farmer, The Star and the MCA president, Perak state executive councillor A Sivanesan alleged that certain articles gave the impression that the DAP was irresponsible. In that case, I think the DAP is irresponsible too. In fact, I have said more or less in a few articles post-May 9.
Sivanesan suing this farmer and the DAP seemingly comfortable with this, I think that not only is the DAP irresponsible, they are also petty and vindictive. Please keep in mind the public comments by Sivanesan that he is doing this because he thinks that the reputation of the DAP is at stake.
The mainstream media and the online media have been sued numerous times and had to make retractions, but suing the media has always seemed to me fascistic, except in certain cases. Suing your political rivals is even more odious, but expected in a political climate where police reports are lodged at the drop of a hat.
But why sue a farmer? Why this particular farmer? Why this particular issue? Sivanesan makes it sound as if an accusation of not keeping promises is anathema to politicians. I wrote a whole article devoted to the fact that Pakatan Harapan was reneging on its election promises. From what has been reported in the press, it looks as if Sivanesan was actually attempting to sort out this issue.
Normally details are important, but reading the articles, any rational reader will not find anything that merits an exco member suing a paper, much less suing a member of his constituency. Instead of suing everyone, especially a farmer, why didn't Sivanesan just deny the allegation if false and seek clarification from the company doing the bulldozing? How do we discover the truth here? What is the point of suing?
Sivanesan, as a representative of the people, especially those going up against a corporate system with strong political ties, should understand that when livelihoods are on the line, the truth gets buried beneath a mountain of self-preservation. The question is can anyone blame them?
'Vindictive and cannot be trusted'
As a representative of the DAP, but most importantly as a political operative, Sivanesan should understand that this is part and parcel of dealing with communities who look upon political operatives as the most important avenue to air their grievances. In addition, this is not a reciprocal relationship. It is a "what have you done for me lately relationship". This is politics after all.

Moreover, of course, the DAP’s political rivals are going to get into action. Of course, farmers who think that this is usual politicians [not keeping their promises], are going to seek out other means of getting their voices heard. What does suing a farmer get the DAP? Well, it tells people, especially those who do not have the means, that the DAP is vindictive and cannot be trusted, something Sivanesan was concerned about in the first place.
If a stop work order was given, what is the issue then? Most importantly when the MCA president, in a Facebook post, states that the farmers deserve an answer, God's honest truth is that, yes, the farmers deserved an answer as to why some of their farms were being bulldozed, and the Harapan (DAP) had to provide those answers.
The DAP, on many issues, has been doing this against the MCA, when they (MCA) had federal and state power. What is the big deal? I do not know what is worse - Sivanesan suing this farmer or thinking that if he wins or a settlement is reached, the MCA will cover whatever damages this farmer, who obviously cannot pay, would incur.
The DAP has a history of not tolerating dissent within its ranks. Now it seems it wants to create history by political operatives suing their constituents because political operatives claim that the party's reputation has been questioned. Even if the farmer was a proxy for some other party, litigation is the dumbest, most inept strategy to take.
This brings into question the competency of not only the political operative, but also the DAP.
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 2:02 PM  
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