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Some of my Malay friends think public caning is a great idea - Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy
Wednesday, September 05, 2018
Malaysiakini : “There is not eternal damnation, the only rewards and punishments are right here in this world.” - Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, ‘The Madman and the Nun: and Other Plays’

COMMENT | As quoted in the press upon his acquittal of graft charges, Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said something rather queer. Of the people who throw “malicious lies” - is there any other kind of lies? - he claimed that their fate would be decided by God Almighty. Really? Then I suppose there is no need for libel and slander laws, not to mention the fact that he has taken up cases against those who have spread lies about him before.

However, those who invoke their god, either for reward or punishment are a dime a dozen here in Malaysia. Speaking of those who speak on behalf of higher powers, this brings us to the public caning of the two women in Terengganu for same-sex relations or illicit sex, or both. Malaysiakini columnist Mariam Mokhtar in her latest piece about unshackling the enslaved Malay mind claimed anyone who does not have a Malay friend is part of the problem.
Having a Malay friend to drag to a forum or starting simple discussions is apparently how the non-Malays can help unshackle Malay minds after years of indoctrination by the Umno state, the continuing efforts of the Pakatan Harapan state and, of course, the manipulations of preachers of the state-sanctioned religion.

I cannot speak for the rest of non-Malays, but I have many Malay friends. Some of my Malay friends, depending on their economic and social level, believe that their privileges either hamper or have been a benefit to them and their families. Some of them claim with so many children, they need all the help they can get.
While the old maverick talks about the wonders of birth control and our rubber industry, the same does apply to population control when it comes to the vote base, I guess. Of course, my friends - Malay, Chinese, Orang Asal and Indians - do not necessarily have to share the same beliefs as me to be considered friends. Do people only mix with other people who share their beliefs?
And do you really think that only Malays think that their minds are shackled or that their religion shackles their minds? Would you say the same to a religious Christian, Hindu or Buddhist who does not share the same religious dogma as Muslims but in reality, when it comes to cultural and social norms, they have exactly the same religious/cultural prejudices? So really, some people do share the same religious dogma; it is only they do not have the power of the state to back up their prejudices.
And does anyone really think that all Malays have not used the quota system, or whatever benefits they get from the state, to break free from their economic brackets? This is why this whole issue of rights and privileges is just a red herring, especially for politicians - both Malay and non-Malay - who use it for political gain.
So the Malay mind gets unshackled, but unshackled to what? Voting for political parties who do not use race and religion to further their political goals? Can anyone name such a political party. I can but nobody is interested in them.
When it comes to religion, it gets even worse. I have lost friends who disagree with my take on religion, specifically Islam. While others share my views when we talk in private, when it comes to public discussions they disassociate from me and my views. Some friends just wait for the day when the demographic overwhelms the non-Malays and then my views would not matter at all.
Mental shackles
Take this public caning for example. Some of my Malay friends who are religious claim that this strengthens the position of Islam in this country. It is a useful political tool and reminds the non-Malays who voted for Harapan that the Malay political actors in the coalition will defend Islam. These are folks who voted for Harapan and not the dreaded Umno and PAS people.
They are also supportive when they read how the Harapan government wants to uplift the shariah court system - "In relation to the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act and other relevant laws, we are looking at them in more detail and … we are committed, ready to amend the act in empowering the syariah courts as a whole," Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Fuziah Salleh said during the oral question-and-answer session at the Dewan Negara sitting yesterday.
Honestly, when Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mujahid Yusof Rawa (photo), the so-called moderate face of Islam in this country, says that all was in accordance with the caning - procedural and spiritual - and the only issue he had was the public spectacle, this should clue you in on how the political process in this country is weighted in favour of the religious imperatives of the Malay/Muslim political elite and the fear of not spooking the Malays of the non-Malay/Muslim Harapan base.
A good Malay friend of mine, who opposes the caning, says that it was a good thing that the female officer was masked – (my friend, who is a woman, used a word that rhythms with itch to describe the masked punisher) because there would be repercussions if anyone from her family (which includes people which the state and the state-sanctioned religion disenfranchises) was canned in public.
My friend is someone the religious types would say has lost her way because of her childhood on the streets, a criminal record, promiscuity and a long hard road to redemption in the form of a law degree she uses to help other people who have been screwed over by the system.
Honestly, this public spectacle is a tool to confront the Islamic elements in Harapan, to force them to take a stand, and you know what, the religious and secular elements in Harapan failed miserably. Where is the outrage from those who before May 9 would somehow find a way to blame the Umno state working with PAS as purveyors of fake Islamic values?
As usual, Klang parliamentarian Charles Santiago (photo) seems to be the only political operative speaking plainly and making his stand clear. Of course, this is not the official stand of the political alliance of this new Malaysia. It sure as hell is not the stand of the people who support them, who think that they should not fall into the trap set by these Islamic extremists, and never for one moment, stopping to think that there are Islamists within Harapan who want exactly the same thing and are enabled by the power-hungry non-Malay components of Harapan.
It does not get any clearer than this - “The new Pakatan Harapan government, which was voted in on the premise of inclusion, must, therefore, repeal all laws that criminalise homosexuality without any delay,” said Santiago.
All we get is silence because Amanah is supposed to be the progressive face of Islam and so far, all they have managed to do is get their knickers in twist about the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) community, while PAS has managed to talk about everything from corruption charges against the Harapan political elite, the GST and the numerous other issues which should be how Harapan is changing the course of the Islamic narrative in this country.
Terengganu Bar Committee chairperson Sallehudin Harun said that the public would get a clearer picture. Notice he did not say Muslims but rather the (general) public. Why is this? Because this was a spectacle for the non-Muslims. This was to show that their political leaders are political hacks who would not do a damn thing when it comes to extremism in this country.
The subtext is this. First, these political operatives cannot help the Malays progress from their so-called mental shackles. Second, after the laws get through with the disenfranchised of this country, it will come after the smug secure urban electorates.
That is the message, folks. Besides a few outlier voices, the mainstream politics of Harapan when it comes to this issue is hear no evil, see no evil and enable such evil when it is politically expedient.
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 3:22 PM  
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