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Gaza: Malaysian condemnation unjustified Hanan Leshnovolsky, Israel Jan 24, 08 3:16pm
Saturday, January 26, 2008
Continued from here. I refer to the Malaysiakini report Malaysia condemns Gaza blockade.

Allow me to quote your Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi:

‘Malaysia condemns the blockade imposed by the Israelis and the closing of all border crossings between Israel and the Palestinian territory in Gaza. The blockade has exacerbated the already worsening humanitarian crisis in the area and this will cause a humanitarian catastrophe. The Palestinians have the right of access to food, fuel and medicine. The inhumane action by the Israelis would make the living conditions of the Palestinian people even more unbearable.

‘The Israeli action contravenes international law and the collective punishment of the innocent civilian population of Gaza is unacceptable under any circumstance. Malaysia calls on the international community to force the Israelis to lift the blockade immediately and end the sufferings of the people in Gaza. Malaysia also calls on the UN secretary-general to hold an open ended session of the UN Security Council to enable other UN members to participate in the debate on the grave situation in Gaza’.

Firstly, how does he know that there is a blockade on Gaza? Has he visited that place? Or is his information from guided rumours supplied by Palestinians and the pro-Palestinian and Muslim media? Is he an eyewitness to the facts?

Secondly, let's assume that there is a blockade on Gaza by the Israelis. What do you expect from us? To supply fuel and electricity to the milling machines that are manufacturing rockets to kill Israeli civilians in Sderot, Ashkelon and the villages around there? Is he expecting the Israelis to feed the people that are wanting to slaughter us and voted for a terror organisation like Hamas?

Instead of using their engineering capabilities to improve their own lives, they prefer to use that skill to kill. They are sainting death instead sainting life and your prime minister is the most proactive supporter for that human shame.

As usual, you people are always condemning one side for what they are doing and it is always the Israeli side. Why aren't you condemning Hamas and the terrorists which are launching rockets on civilian towns .What would you do if Singapore launched rockets on Malaysian soil and on your people? Would you feed them with the water and agriculture products?

Malaysia is treating Israel as the worst enemy of human beings. Are you so sharp in reaction to condemn specifically Muslim terror organisations as you are so quick to condemn the Jewish state? Why aren’t you condemning the Al-Qaeda? I think that you are wise enough to understand that by condemning Al-Qaeda, you are risking your own head being executed by your own Muslim brothers.

I'm sorry to say that Malaysia’s contribution to achieve peace in the world is worthless because you are all one-sided and all your activities are just words and more words. Do you think that someone is counting the statements of your prime minister that are published from time to time? Statements are good for the papers but doing things proactively is valuable for the people.

Your prime minister is the last person on earth to teach the Israelis about humanity and equality while his regime is discriminating Malaysian minorities like the Indians in your country. I can prove many cases.

I wish I could have an opportunity to have a debate with your prime minister on the Israeli- Palestinian issue and may be afterwards Malaysian opinion will change. Letters from Malaysiakini
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 11:50 AM  
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