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Like A Thief In The Night, they took away our 30 sen
Friday, March 03, 2006

…….Our Petrol and Diesel prices are hiked. So what does that tell us of our Political Leaders (they think they are masters). On the 28th February 2006 the prices were hiked without a hint that it would happen. They did it covertly, deliberately and slyly. So what was the PM’s excuse, we can longer subsidise the high cost, well that some of us can accept. Do not include me. On TV 3 he said we must change our life styles. My advise to the PM, is get the cronies in your cabinet and you hangers on from your family to change their life style as they are the cause of this hike. Gross incompetence and mismanagement of Government linked companies have brought us to this sorry state.

Using tax payers monies to bail out their financial mismanagement, end up in us being suckers. Oh, this takes the cake the PM’s advise was to do car pooling. Well sir, have we any car pool incentives, I guess you were just shooting off your mouth to quell the fire in our hearts. Just so that you might know that most of us are not ignoramuses, unlike members of your cabinet, we are mature and educated, stop pulling wool over our eyes. Shock-horror over 'sly' petrol price hike. Okay, in the United States, which most of you in your cabinet and your TV 3 frequently bash they have car poll incentives. They have tax benefits in addition to the natural benefits of carpooling including shared daily fuel and toll expenses and use of HOV lanes.

Commuter Choice Tax Benefits (281K PDF) – A comprehensive briefing paper that describes the transportation fringe benefits covered under a tax-free and pretax provision of the federal tax code. Relevant portions of the tax code are included with translations of code particulars for non-technical readers. The briefing also contains an employer tax savings worksheet.
Transit and Vanpool Benefits (480K PDF) – This briefing paper clarifies which transportation fringe benefits qualify for Best Workplaces for Commuters. It summarizes the employer, employee, and tax benefits of commuter choice programs. The briefing also includes a "Guide to Implementation" and case studies for employers. More....

Oh yes, they have even routes in California especially for people who car pool, they get to their destination faster. So you think you can make an integrated Public Transport System with the miserly RM 4 Billion when the millions of Petronas dollar have been squandered using it as a cash cow or rather as a giant credit card. Have every Malaysian tasted or felt the benefits of the Petrodollars. Petrol hike sets opposition ablaze There are not even bicycle lanes for people to cycle safely. Make some as wide as the car lanes, that will encourage people to change their lifestyle. Not your dithering ideas. Can you even imagine an environnment friendly solution? I guess not.

Yesterday I expected the PM to explain in detail; instead we had his Deputy shooting out his pre recorded interview on TV 3. It was very well rehearsed, I think it was pre-recorded. Look at the intelligence level. Would have been lower if not done that way. Well TV3 the henchman diverted the attention away from Petrol price abuse by showing the President of Iran’s visit.

I did not have a tape recorder, maybe not so accurate excerpts. The good Deputy PM says we have one of the lowest pricing of petrol in the world and the lowest in this region apart from Brunei. He says the price of petrol in Indonesia is RM 2.30 per liter, n Thailand RM 2.52 and Singapore RM 4.15 compared to our new pricing of RM 1.92. Well sir, Indonesia is a basket case, they need to develop, they have been incompetently managing the country until it had been ruined and if we are not careful we will be in the same boat, as of now we seem to be heading that way. Please sir, do not insult our intelligence comparing the prices in Thailand and Singapore. Thailand DOES NOT produce oil and Singapore DOES NOT produce oil.Further more remember that our per capita is RM 10,000 and Singapore is RM 30,000 meaning that the Singapore workers income is three times more than ours. By the way Singapore is a developed, first world nation unlike Selangor which recently experienced some spring cleaning due to gross mismanagement of the environment

To top it all, Singaporeans are more efficient in every aspect in the public service deliveries. So for goodness sake stop unintelligent comparisons.Higher oil prices would result in the following possible problems for the country:

1. Higher inflation which all of us are aware of it.
2. Higher cost of production etc resulting in lower profits to be made. Hence, lower tax collection. Would the reduction of RM4.4b in subsidies able to make up for the loss?
3. With higher inflation, the threat of RM depreciating further is there.

The government is simply unrealistic to raise the oil price so high all of a sudden and expecting taxis, buses and other form of transport not to raise their fares.

Sir, you have advised Malaysians to tighten their belt and to practise “prudent” spending. Turning the table around, can we ask "Has the Government and all the GLCs been practising prudent financial management?" Mismanagement, is a BIG YES !!

Well, that shoots down your reasoning. Can any sane person believe that RM 4 Billion would alleviate the transportation needs of the poor and long suffering people. I know, I know, you have a committee, my worry is that the RM 4 billion might trickle it’s way into some of your pockets, no doubt chaired by the PM and his Deputy. I like the word the Deputy used “prudent” management of fiscal resources or something like that, he definitely used the word prudent. Could the honorable DPM please explain the word “prudent” in relation to the MAS fiasco, BBMB, Higher Education Loans and the list goes on and on..........

On diesel, yes agreed it was abuse, yeah, what prudent management are you talking about when it is not enforced. Whose fault is that ? You tend to take the easy way out at the expense of the people by raising prices.You allowed crooks to handle the disbursement of diesel. You also talked about the promotion of the National car, you by now should know the scandalous quality of the car. A brainchild of your mentor.Please do not mention the over protected National car, people would hurl brick bats and bad mouth you just for that. You said you do not want to be a “populist” Government. Well, you do not have to worry about that just now, you are NOT. People will not forget YOU for all the injustices inflicted on the long suffering public.

Oh yes, not being a wind bag here Mr. DPM, prices of fuel have been going up for sometime, everytime it happens, you repeat the mantra of there won't be price hikes of other essential items. So far have there been not any ? Everything ALWAYS goes up. People remember. The poor people know otherise. You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Life was served to YOU on a silver platter from Day 1. You do not know, the meaning of hardship, hunger, poverty, suffering, deprivation, weariness, hopelessness, despair, disappointments, pain and likewise the list goes on......... Najib’s explanation on fuel hike ‘pathetic’

I could rebut all that was said, well I sort of got fed up with the inane interview, switched off my TV and went to get my beauty sleep. One last question, what are your retirement plans after the next elections? Do not get too comfortable.... this is directed to your mates too. Thank you sir, for lending me your ears. Datuk I like this Durian story, it's like soup for your soul, should read it too.... or maybe answer Mr. Lim Guan Eng's query Where did Petronas’ RM500 billion go?

posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 9:00 PM  
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